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12.S4041.00 - Oral Surgery Set - Drape with adhesive U-Shaped

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Complete sterile set for complex procedures such as reconstruction/restoration, bone distractions and maxillofacial operations. Each set contains everything needed to prep the operatory for demanding operations including surface drapes with adhesive fixing strips, breathable drape for the patient made of Softesse¨ with self-adhesive U-shaped cut, sheaths for hand pieces, adhesive film for keypads, special cover in medical PVC for Physiodispenser, kit for patient disinfection, Mayo table cover, 2 surgical gowns in Softesse¨ with 2 sterile hand towels. The set is wrapped in a practical absorbent, liquid-proof drape measuring 63" x 74" and comes packed in a Tyvek¨ envelope. Composition: 2 Surgically folded Expo model gowns (size L) and 2 hand towels wrapped in medical paper Softesse¨ Light blue 1 Breathable cap NWF Light blue 2 Liquid proof/absorbent drapes 29.55"x35.46" with self-adhesive* side NWF + Polyethylene Light blue 1 Mayo table cover 31.52"x47.28" NWF + PVC Light blue 1 Cover in transparent PVC 15.76"x19.7" with self-adhesive* side PVC Transparent 2 Omnisleeve sheaths 94.56"x2.76" PE Transparent 1 ASP51/F surgical aspirator PVC Transparent 2 2Cross20 adhesive films 7.88"x7.88" LDPE Light blue 1 Sponge with grip for patient disinfection PVC Blue 1 Bowl 8.45 oz PVC Blue 1 Fluid-repellent drape 26.4"x29.55" with self-adhesive* side Softesse¨ Light blue 1 Fluid-repellent drape 52.4"x78.8 with adhesive* U-shaped 2.56"x19.7" and loop Softesse¨ Light blue 5 Round cotton balls ¯ 1.18" Cotton White 1 Waste bag for contaminated material PVC Red