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About Us

Karl Schumacher


Since 1947 Karl Schumacher Dental, LLC has provided imported German and domestic surgical and operative instruments of the better grade. Born in Lüneburg, Germany in 1896, Karl Schumacher immigrated to the United States in 1934 and worked as a representative for the German steel manufacturer Krupp. His knowledge of specialty steels led to an opportunity to develop, in conjunction with an oral surgeon, one of the earliest steel bone plating systems. With this start, Mr. Schumacher personally traveled the country and called on dentists to develop a personalized relationship and to better learn of their needs.

As a family owned business, Karl Schumacher's legacy has been carried forward in a rich tradition of knowledge and experience. This has allowed Karl Schumacher Dental to continue to adhere to Mr. Schumacher's attention to detail and assurance of customer satisfaction.

Due to Karl Schumacher's experience and firsthand knowledge of the customer, he formed a commitment to which he signed his name. His signature remains our corporate logo to this day.