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Karl Schumacher is Built on Superior Engineering

We believe that quality engineering produces confidence for dental professionals who rely on Karl Schumacher instruments. Here's how our approach to engineering allows us to offer high caliber products that perform, which yields efficient and predictable patient outcomes.


Each Karl Schumacher instrument is thoughtfully designed and produced using leading technology and hand-finished craftsmanship and coatings, which includes medical-grade stainless steel and titanium alloys. These premium materials are expressly identified and purposed for each tool's optimum performance. After compression molding and punching, CNC machines turn, mill and grind each instrument. They are then hardened, dressed, and finished by hand. This superior method ensures precision and quality.


Karl Schumacher developed one of the earliest steel bone-plating systems, inspiring a culture of innovation that has continued for nearly seventy years. Our hallmark instrumentation, such as the Apical Retention Forceps, Periotomes, and Proximators, are testaments to this purpose and highlight our commitment to recognize and answer the demands of dental professionals.


Our quality materials, hand-finished production standards, dentist-informed design process, and customer care merge to distinguish Karl Schumacher products from other high-end dental instruments. We're confident that you will soon discover our award-winning instruments to be remarkably durable and precise.


They are the best thing I've discovered in dental instruments since dental school." -Dr. T. Fields, DDS, Ph.D.