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OSTSET10 - Set of 10 Bayonet Osteotomes (5 Concave, 5 Convex) with Washtray

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The Set of 10 Bayonet Osteotomes includes:

Instrument Description
47.943.20 Angled Concave Osteotome, Ø1.8mm, Silver
47.943.28 Angled Concave Osteotome, Ø2.2-2.6mm, Silver
47.943.33 Angled Concave Osteotome, Ø2.6-3.2mm, Silver/Yellow
47.943.38 Angled Concave Osteotome, Ø3.2-3.8mm, Purple
47.943.43 Angled Concave Osteotome, Ø3.8-4.2mm, Blue/Green
47.945.20 Angled Convex Osteotome, Ø1.8mm, Silver
47.945.28 Angled Convex Osteotome, Ø2.2-2.6mm, Silver
47.945.33 Angled Convex Osteotome, Ø2.6-3.2mm, Silver/Yellow
47.945.38 Angled Convex Osteotome, Ø3.2-3.6mm, Purple
47.945.43 Angled Convex Osteotome, Ø3.6-4.2mm, Blue/Green
CAS4001 Medium Sterilization Cassette

Cassette Compatibility

Outlines which instrument washers, ultrasonic units and sterilizers are compatible with Karl Schumacher Cassettes.