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BSS0995 - Wedge Bone Splitting Set, Tray, 3 Chisels, Mallet, Inserter, 4 Diamond Discs, 16 Wedges

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The Wedge Ridge Splitting set is the premier setup to confidently widen and expand atrophied ridges. The unique concept incorporates two progressively tapered sets of eight wedges to prop open the thin lamellar bone. The Ø8mm and Ø10mm Diamond Discs are used to make the initial splitting cut along the crest. Bi-bevel Chisels in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm widths are then used to advance the split apically; their depth markings at 6-8-10-12mm ensure advancement to the proper depth. Once the ridge is split to the appropriate level, the Wedge Applicator is used to place the preferred wedges into the cut, adjacent to the implant or graft insertion site. Once the ridge is propped open to the correct width, preparatory drilling of the implant site can be performed between the wedges. After the inserted implant has been surrounded with grafting material the wedges can be removed, with additional graft material being placed where the wedges were located. The Wedge Ridge Splitting Sets design reduces uncontrolled ridge expansion common with a chisels only system, and frees your hands from holding the ridge open during insertion implant and grafting material.