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12.S4096.00 - Oral Surgery Set - Adhesive Hole Surgical Drape

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Complete sterile set for complex procedures such as reconstruction/restoration, bone distractions and maxillofacial operations. Each set contains everything needed to prep the operatory for demanding operations including surface drapes with adhesive fixing strips, breathable, self- adhesive fenestrated drape for the patient made of Softesse¨, sheaths for hand pieces, adhesive film for keypads, special cover in medical PVC for Physiodispenser, kit for patient disinfection, Mayo table cover and 2 surgical gowns in Softesse¨ with 2 sterile hand towels. The set is wrapped in a practical absorbent, liquid-proof drape measuring 63" x 74.86" and comes packed in a Tyvek¨ envelope. Composition: 2 Surgical gowns Expo (size L) surgically folded and 2 hand towels wrapped in medical paper Softesse¨ Light blue 1 Breathable cap NWF Light blue 2 Liquid proof/absorbent drapes 29.55"x35.46" with self-adhesive* side NWF + Polyethylene Light blue 1 Mayo table cover 31.52"x47.28" NWF + PVC Light blue 1 Cover in transparent PVC 15.76"x19.7" with self-adhesive* side PVC Transparent 2 Omnisleeve sheaths 94.56"x2.76" PE Transparent 1 ASP51/F surgical aspirator PVC Transparent 2 2Cross20 adhesive films 7.88"x7.88" LDPE Light blue 1 Sponge with grip for patient disinfection PVC Blue 1 Bowl 8.45 oz PVC Blue 1 Fluid-repellent drape 52.4"x78.8" with adhesive* off-center hole 2.36"x3.55" Softesse¨ Light blue 5 Round cotton balls ¯ 1.18" Cotton White 1 Waste bag for contaminated material PVC Red