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12.S8318.00 - Oral Surgery Pack

SKU 12.S8318.00

Complete sterile set for complex procedures such as reconstruction/restoration, bone distractions and maxillofacial operations. The pack includes everything needed for demanding procedures including liquid repellent drape, seat/back cover, round cap, tubing sleeves, adhesive films, aspirator tip, saliva ejector and sponges. Composition: 1 Liquid repellent drape 39.4" x 59.1" with adhesive hole 2.36" X 3.55" NWF + Polyethylen Light blue 5 Liquid repellent drapes 26.4" x 29.55 NWF + Polyethylen Light blue 1 One size seat/back cover NWF + Polyethylene White 1 Transpiring round cap Non woven Blue 2 Tubing sleeves 47.28" x 2.76" with Omnisleeve inserter PE Transparent 4 Adhesive films 6.7" x 10.24" LDPE Transparent 2 Aspirator tips mod. Omnia PVC Light blue 1 Saliva ejector with removable tip 5.91" PVC Green 12 Sponges 7.88" x 7.88" Cotton White 12 Sponges 1.97" x 1.97" NWF White