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KIT0402 - Micro Surgery Kit #402, 7 Instruments w/ Medium Cassette


The Micro Surgery Kit #402 includes:

Instrument Description
BCH6013L Kirkland Periodontal Chisel K13-13L
BCH63637 Rhodes Periodontal Chisel 36-37
MTF0001 Micro Cooley Forceps Straight Row Teeth
PEL6622 Bruno / Gargiulo Periosteal Elevator
PEL0715 Molt 9 Periosteal Elevator
NEE0012T Twist Joint Castro-Viejo Needle Holder Heavy Tips 18Cm
SCI0917 Castro-Viejo Periodontal Scissors
CAS4001 Medium Sterilization Cassette

Cassette Compatibility

Outlines which instrument washers, ultrasonic units and sterilizers are compatible with Karl Schumacher Cassettes.