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KIT0613 - LIT Surgical Implant Kit


The Live Implant Training (LIT) Surgical Kit includes:

Instrument Description
17.007.01 Small Straight Proximator
17.007.05 Spade Proximator
24.923.10 Proximator / Luxating Elevator Sharpening Stone
85.251.00 Stainless Steel Mixing Cup w/ Lid
BCH6013L Kirkland Periodontal Chisel K13-13L
BCU0710 Medium Lucas Surgical Bone Curette, 2.25mm Wide
CPL0721 Membrane Placement Forceps
EXF0321 Lower Universal Deep Grip Extraction Forceps
EXF0351 Lower Universal Deep Grip Extraction Forceps
EXF1107N Narrow Upper Universal Apical Retention Extraction Forceps
HDL0428 Drop Blade Scalpel Handle
MOS0613 Curved Halstead Moquito Forceps
NEE0001 Castro-Viejo Needle Holder Standard Handle 14Cm
PEL0623D Seldin 23D Flap Retractor Elevator
PEL0644 Large Buser Periosteal Elevator
PEL0715 Molt 9 Periosteal Elevator
PPR6807NC UNC15 Periodontal Probe
RET0808 Minnesota Retractor
RON0013 Friedman Ronguer 30 Degree Tips
SCI0659TISC Aetranox Kelly Scissors
TIF0804S Adson Brown Serrated Tissue Forceps
CAS6001 Large Sterilization Cassette

Cassette Compatibility

Outlines which instrument washers, ultrasonic units and sterilizers are compatible with Karl Schumacher Cassettes.