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32.F0159.00 - Irrigation Set, 1/2 Y

SKU 32.F0159.00

Compatible with: Elcomed SA 200 W&H pump 7.5" Innova Corp-Strauman Frioss Unit E, Drilltech BTI

Omnia offers a wide range of mechanical irrigation lines, which are compatible with most physiodispensers available for sale. Irrigation systems include a perforator, a roller or clamp for flow control, the fittings and an integrated peristaltic pump section. OMNIA mechanical irrigation systems offer the following options:

  • a. Internal irrigation only
  • b. External irrigation only
  • c. Internal and external irrigation

The practical terminal cap makes the connection of the irrigation line to the hand piece easier and allows connecting our tubes with all the cooling needles of the different hand pieces, whose diameters often differ.

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