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PGFSET6AE - Full Set of 6 Aetranox™ PrecisGrip™ Extraction Forceps


The Aetranox™ Edition Forceps feature proprietary Aluminum-Titanium-Nitride coating that is significantly harder, scratch-resistant and non-reflective for long-lasting performance.

Increased hardness created by the Aetranox™ surface treatment ensures long-term integrity of both the beak serrations and forceps overall.

  • Specially-formulated finish is a surface-reinforcing matrix
  • Vapor-deposited blend that is covalently bonded to the stainless steel, not plated onto the surface
  • Reaction at the molecular level increases the durability and ensuring long-term performance of the serrated beaks
  • Extremely smooth surface seals the pores of the stainless steel, minimizing protein adhesion and reducing time to clean
  • Matte finish that reduces distracting glare and reflections mid-procedure
  • Available in 6 traditional designs and 2 root patterns

The Full Set of 6 Aetranox™ PrecisGrip™ Extraction Forceps includes:

Instrument Description
EXR2074AE Aetranox Lower Anterior PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps
EXR2002AE Aetranox Upper Anterior PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps
EXR2007AE Aetranox Upper Universal PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps
EXR2021AE Aetranox Lower Universal PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps
EXR2067AE Aetranox Universal Upper Molar PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps
EXR2079AE Aetranox Lower Molar PrecisGrip Extraction Forceps