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12.S6007.00 - Essential Procedure Set

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Designed to meet the needs of the surgeon and surgical staff, the procedure set is an ideal choice for all implantology, periodontology and maxillofacial surgeries. Itís made up of patient drapes, surface drapes and one tubing sleeve and comes packed in sterile wrapping. Each box contains 8 sets. Essential Line procedure Set advantages:

¥ Prepackaged for convenience
¥ Simplified inventory and management
¥ Prevents forgotten items during preparation
¥ Eliminates dangerous washing procedures
¥ Ends management of traditional fabrics
¥ Cost effective

1 Liquid proof clinician gown with cuffs SPPB* Light blue
2 Liquid proof assistant gowns with elastics SPPB* Light blue
1 Surgeon cap with laces NWF absorbent Green
2 Assistant caps with elastic NWF absorbent Light blue
1 Surgeon face mask with laces NWF Light blue
2 Assistant face masks with elastic NWF Light blue
2 Plain drapes 19.7"x29.55" SPPB* Light blue
1 Patient drape 29.55"x35.46" with adhesive U-shaped cut 4.33"x3.55" SPPB* Light blue
1 Tubing sleeve 47.28"x2.76" with elastics PE Transparent

SKU 12.S6007.00
Sterile Sterile
Pieces per Box 8