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12.T0003.00 - Dentset

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Each sterile set contains patient drapes and surface drapes. Includes sheaths for hand pieces and adhesive film for handles & keypads. The set comes packed in a double packaging with a convenient peel-off label that allows for easy tracking of items. Composition: 1 Absorbent/liquid proof drape 39.4"x59.1" with U-shaped cut 2.56"x11.82" NWF + Polyethylene Light blue 1 Absorbent/liquid proof drape 29.55"x35.46" NWF + Polyethylene Light blue 2 Absorbent/liquid proof drapes 19.7"x29.55" NWF + Polyethylene Light blue 2 Omnisleeve sheaths 47.28"x2.76" PE Transparent 4 2Cross20 adhesive films 7.88"x7.88" LDPE Light blue