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KIT0303 - CompoSmooth Kit, Incl. Handle, 4 Aetranox™ Composite Instruments, All 3 Soft Application Silicone Inserts and Wash Tray

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The CompoSmooth DCR Kit from Karl Schumacher allows you to form and finish direct composite restorations effortlessly.
The soft give of the CompoSmooth DCR silicone tips leave a sleek and feathered surface without the hard edges and impressions that a standard hand instruments creates.
The CompoSmooth DCR composite instruments feature the exclusive AETRANOXª surface reinforcing matrix help prevent adhesion of the composite and are the perfect compliment to the soft silicone tips.
Achieve a gentle and controlled finish of the composite restoration prior to curing and you will reduce the amount of final polishing required...and that allows you to see your next patient sooner!