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TOME3 - Set of Periotomes, #1 & 2

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Karl Schumacher Dental Instruments Periotomes are the original, patented instruments designed specifically for atraumatic exodontia. Used at the beginning of any extraction, they are designed to be inserted vertically into the PDL space in order to sever the periodontal fibers and allow the root structure to escape the bone the fastest way possible; occlusally.

Karl Schumacher Periotomes are thin enough to enter tight PDL spaces and flexible enough to follow the root curvature to the apex. Due to their thinness they are able to prevent gross lateral expansion of the alveolus and are well suited for application along the buccal. They feature a smooth, sharpened edge along the entire radius in order to incise (not tear or rip) the periodontal ligament down to the apex and are fully TiNi coated to retain their edge without the need for additional sharpening.

The Set of Periotomes includes the both the anterior TOME1, with a straight Periotome blade and a socket expander, and the TOME2 which features 45 degree contra-angled blades for a more frontal approach of the instrument into the posterior.

The Set of Periotomes includes:

Instrument Description
TOME1 Anterior Periotome
TOME2 Posterior Periotome