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EXR2021AE - Aetranox™ Lower Universal PrecísGrip Forceps #2021AE

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The Aetranox Edition Forceps feature proprietary Aluminum-Titanium-Nitride coating that is significantly harder, scratch-resistant and non-reflective for long-lasting performance.

Increased hardness created by the Aetranox surface treatement ensures long-term integrity of both the beak serrations and forceps overall.

  • Specially-formulated finish is a surface-reinforcing matrix
  • Vapor-deposited blend that is covalently bonded to the stainless steel, not plated onto the surface
  • Reaction at the molecular level increases the durability and ensuring long-term performance of the serrated beaks
  • Extremely smooth surface seals the pores of the stainless steel, minimizing protein adhesion and reducing time to clean
  • Matte finish that reduces distracting glare and reflections mid-procedure
  • Available in 6 traditional designs and 2 root patterns