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SPADES - Spade Root Tip Kit, 6 Elevators and 2 Root Forceps


The Karl Schumacher Spade Root Tip Kit is the ultimate resource to remove fractured roots. All eight instrument feature identical heavy spade tips to securely engage and elevate the root structure.

The set includes six Spade Elevators in different configurations which are durable enough to elevate firmly retained roots. They can also be used in the creation of purchase points on each side of the root for introduction of the extraction forceps.

The Karl Schumacher Spade Root Tip Forceps feature tips that are shaped similar to a Rongeur, but include a heavy serration along the edge of the tips. This design allows for a broader engagement around the root, contacting more surface area, for firmer engagement than a traditional standard root tip forceps.

The Spade Root Tip Kit contains the following instruments:

Instrument Description
EXF0145E Lower Spade Root Tip Forceps #145E
EXF1251E Upper Spade Root Tip Forceps #1251E
ELE0060 Bernard Root Tip Elevator #60, Straight Spade
ELE0063 Bernard Root Tip Elevator #63, Curved Spade
ELE0060D Bernard Root Tip Elevator #60D, Distal Spade
ELE0060M Bernard Root Tip Elevator #60M, Mesial Spade
ELE0060L Bernard Root Tip Elevator #60L, Left, Spade
ELE0060R Bernard Root Tip Elevator #60R, Right, Spade