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BIONIKV4 - Small Set of Bionik Titanium Hygiene Instruments

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Karl Schumacher BionikTI Scalers and Curettes are crafted from the same titanium alloys used to manufacture implants and abutments. The BionikTI hygiene instruments are 13X stronger than a plastic or resin based curette, giving them the strength needed for even the toughest debridement; it also means that the tips of the Karl Schumacher BionikTI Scalers and Curettes are honed to be 30% thinner than other implant hygiene instruments, giving you superior access.

The combined attributes of strength and biocompatibility together give you an instrument that performs just as well as a stainless steel instruments, but with the safety and capabilities you need for the cleaning of exposed implant components and preserving the mucosal peri-implant tissue. In fact, BionikTI Hygiene instruments are sharp, strong and effective enough that you can use them in lieu of traditional stainless steel hygiene instruments!

The BionikTI V4 Implant Hygiene setup includes the 3 Langer universal curettes and Columbia 4R/4L; all the instruments needed to quickly, safely and effectively care for all of your implant and routine hygiene procedures.

The Small Set of Titanium Hygiene Instruments includes:

Instrument Description
SCA0012TI Titanium Langer 1/2 Mandibular Posterior Universal Curette
SCA0034TI Titanium Langer 3/4 Maxillary Posterior Universal Curette
SCA0056TI Titanium Langer 5/6 Anterior Universal Curette
SCA0256TI Titanium Columbia 4R/4L Universal Posterior Curette
24.923.10 Cylinder Sharpening Stone, Ø1cm x 10cm Long
CAS2001 Small Sterilization Cassette

Cassette Compatibility

Outlines which instrument washers, ultrasonic units and sterilizers are compatible with Karl Schumacher Cassettes.