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17.008.03 - Large Distally Angled Proximator¨, 3.75mm Wide Tip, Yellow

SKU 17.008.03

Proximator¨ Testimonials

"The first time I picked up a Proximator, I was really impressed with the quality and balance. Now I have one on every surgical tray in my practice."
-Dr. Jay Reznick, DMD, M.D.

"Every single tooth I extract, I use the Proximator."
-Dr. Tony Craft, DDS

Superior Quality
  • Distinct design allows for quick definition of the purchase point
  • Intense gripping surface provides minimal rotation
  • Ergonomically designed for proper directional force

Proven Performance
  • Full-control during apical progression of the sharp working-edge
  • Preserves the socket while gently removing the tooth
  • Tapered, one-piece design drives tip apically
  • Allows for palm pressure to advance the instrument further

The wide (3.75mm) Large Distal Proximator can be advanced into the tightest of periodontal spaces to completely sever the fibers and laterally expand the socket.

The angulation of the Large Distal Proximator makes it particularly effective for application on the distal of the molars, superior to the furcation, as well as for the removal of sectioned mandibular molar roots.

Distal and lingual; Maxillary molars superior to the furcation; Mandibular molars; 3rd Molars