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APICAL6 - Full Set of 6 Apical Retention Forceps


Apical Retention Forceps™ are the original Karl Schumacher atraumatic extraction forceps. The complete set of six was designed with five major mechanical advantages in order to eliminate the basic problems of minor, supra-gingival contact that traditional forceps provide.

With parallel beaks that are anatomically correct, the Apical Retention Forceps™ are able to achieve greater surface contact along the tooth, while their sharpened and tapered outer profile penetrates deep into the alveolus in order to make secure purchase on the root structure. The precision cut longitudal serrations within the beaks stay engaged during axial rotation, for a confident and secure grip of the tooth and root throughout the procedure.

For over 20 years Karl Schumacher Apical Retention Forceps™ have helped practitioners prevent root fracture and securely engaged broken down teeth for the superior surgical results our customers, and your patients, demand.

The Complete Set of 6 covers all teeth and includes:

Instrument Description
EXE1174NX Extra Narrow Lower Anterior
EXF1102 Upper Anterior
EXF1107 Upper Premolar (Universal)
EXF1121 Lower Premolar (Universal)
EXF1167 Upper Molar
EXF1179 Lower Molar