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KIT0614 - Dr. Jamal 3rd Molar Extraction Kit


The Dr. Jamal 3rd Molar Extraction Kit includes:

Instrument Description
BCU0711S Large Serrated Lucas Surgical Bone Curette, 3.0mm Wide
CPL0561 Cotton Pliers #561
ELE0001P Potts Elevator 1P, Left, Crossbar Handle
ELE0002P Potts Elevator 2P, Right, Crossbar Handle
ELE0046R Bayonet Elevator 46R, Small Mesial Scoop
ELE7602N Heidbrink Root Tip Elevator Right
ELE7603N Heidbrink Root Tip Elevator Left
ELE7660K Dr Koerner Cogswell B Elevator
HDL0428 Drop Blade Scalpel Handle
HDL0493S Handform Mirror Handle, Simple Stem
MIR0005SF #5 Simple Stem Front Surface Mirror
MOP0000L Large Endentulous Silicone Bite Block
MOP0000M Medium Adult Silicone Bite Block
MOP0000S Small Pediatric Silicone Bite Block
MOS0613 Curved Halstead Moquito Forceps
NEE0791 Mayo Hegar Needle Holder 18Cm
PEL0715 Molt 9 Periosteal Elevator
RET0808 Minnesota Retractor
RET0820A Large Wieder Tongue Retractor
SCI0665SC Super Cut Curved Iris Scissors
SYR0001 Cooke-Waite Aspirating Syringe
CAS6002 Large Sterilization Cassette for Dr. Jamal 3rd Molar Kit

Cassette Compatibility

Outlines which instrument washers, ultrasonic units and sterilizers are compatible with Karl Schumacher Cassettes.