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30.F2000.00 - Body Fluid Collection Canister w/ Disposable Bag & Connection Tubing

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OMNI-VAC is a system for the collection of body fluids during surgical aspiration. It retains aspirated material preventing the filter of the dental treatment unit aspiration system from becoming clogged. The aspirated material remains inside the collection bag, which can be removed from the canister and disposed of according to current regulations. Driven by an autonomous vacuum source, the OMNI-VAC system complies with all regulations, all but eliminating the risk of infection for the staff and patient. Blood, saliva, saline solution, bone chips and tissue may potentially clog the aspiration system. The dental treatment unit works in oral implantation or maxillofacial surgery procedures where a robust aspiration system is essential. Disposable containment bags allow for the safe disposal of fluids, while the polycarbonate canister - which features a graduated scale to monitor and accurately measure the volume of body fluids - can be sterilized in the autoclave at 121 _C. The OMNI-VAC system can be directly connected to the dental treatment unit via the included connection tubing. The canister has a 1.5 liter capacity.