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What Bone Cutter Instruments Do Dentists Use In Their Practice?

There are times when dentists need to extract teeth in order to preserve the health of a patient’s mouth, as well as to make or preserve the smile a patient wants. In cases where a tooth is buried within the jawbone, a dentist will usually have to use bone cutter instruments to cut the gum in order to reach the tooth and remove it. Learn more about what types of bone cutter instruments dentists use in their practice below and how Karl Schumacher Dental, LLC strives to make the best-quality dental instruments for its customers.


Forceps are the bone cutter instruments dentists use to remove a tooth when it’s necessary to do so. Forceps come in many different shapes and sizes so that any tooth anywhere in the mouth can be extracted. Being that teeth come in different shapes and are located at different angles in the mouth, one type of forceps would not be able to extract every type of tooth.

At Karl Schumacher Dental, LLC, we strive to follow our founder’s focus on quality and consistency. We always focus on detail when creating our instruments so that the dentists who purchase our products will know they are getting the best quality possible, thereby allowing them to serve their patients with the highest-quality care possible.


Many dentists have come to use our notable Proximators instead of their drills to perform needed extractions. The Proximator enables dentists to cause much less surgical trauma, enabling them to preserve their patients’ oral health, while causing them much less pain and discomfort.

While other dental equipment suppliers have tried to duplicate Karl Schumacher Dental, LLC’s Proximator, none have been able to match the consistency and reliability of our notable instrument. Get in touch with us to learn more about our notable bone cutter instruments and how we can support your practice here.

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