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Why the Proximator™ is a Tooth Extraction Instrument You Can’t Live Without

Choosing the right instrument for a dental surgery is pivotal to the success of the procedure. Dental instruments are an extension of a dental professional’s skill. With the number of tooth extractions increasing every year, it is important to have a dental tool that can provide a precise outcome.

The Proximator™ is a tooth extraction instrument created by Karl Schumacher Dental to make extractions faster and more efficient with its superior engineering. It has proven success in the dental industry that has led to a Dental Townie Choice Award eight years in a row in the Oral Surgery and Implant Hand Instruments category.

About the Proximator

The Proximator is used for severing the ligaments in the periodontal space, primarily for severing the periodontal fibers and creating lateral expansion of the alveolus. Using the Proximator™ reduces the amount of potential damage during a dental surgery.

The single-ended design allows for pressure from the palm to significantly increase the applied force to the instrument and drive the tip apically. The tips are thin and strong enough to easily define a purchase point and loosen the root. With a dental tool that provides all access with no excess, this award-winning instrument is the most popular surgical instrument from Karl Schumacher.

The Proximator Benefits

Innovative engineering is behind this hybrid instrument that provides multiple benefits to the dental professional and patient. The Proximator combines the sharp, thin working-edge of the Periotome and the strength of the Luxating Elevator. This limits the need for traditional elevators that could lead to unwanted forces on the surrounding bone structure.

The ergonomic handle encourages proper directional force into the socket while allowing for full control during apical progression of the sharp working-edge. The instrument’s solid, one piece design provides a firm and balanced feel during the procedure. The intense gripping surface provides minimal rotation.

The Proximator also incises the ligament smoothly, extracts the tooth efficiently, and preserves the socket completely. It has more consistent outcomes for each procedure, faster and less traumatic extractions, and it better facilitates immediate implant placement.

The kit options give the best possible access to any root surface in the mouth. Reach the most difficult posterior areas without extreme cheek retraction. The complete set of seven comes in a sterilization cassette and includes a sharpening stone. The Aetranox™ edition has greater edge retention and features a hardened coating that provides increased durability with a smooth, non-reflective finish.

Contact the team at Karl Schumacher Dental if you would like to try the award-winning Proximator or any of our other distinguished instruments that can help your dental practice thrive and check out our Clinical Videos to the see the Proximator in action in a clinical setting.

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