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PROXSPADE - Set of 5 Spade Proximators¨ with Cassette


Proximator¨ Testimonials

"The first time I picked up a Proximator, I was really impressed with the quality and balance. Now I have one on every surgical tray in my practice."
-Dr. Jay Reznick, DMD, M.D.

"Every single tooth I extract, I use the Proximator."
-Dr. Tony Craft, DDS

Superior Quality
  • Distinct design allows for quick definition of the purchase point
  • Intense gripping surface provides minimal rotation
  • Ergonomically designed for proper directional force

Proven Performance
  • Full-control during apical progression of the sharp working-edge
  • Preserves the socket while gently removing the tooth
  • Tapered, one-piece design drives tip apically
  • Allows for palm pressure to advance the instrument further

The set of 5 Spade Proximators includes all the configurations of the Spade tippped Proximator needed to access the entire mouth.

When the Proximators were introduced the straight Sharpened Spade was recommended for creation of a purchase point for the other Proximators. The very fine and sharp point is incredibly well suited to engage and advance into tight spaces. However it soon became clear the the Sharpened Spade Proximators was the favorite of our customers. The issue of posterior access was addressed with the later introduction of the Mesial and Distal Spade Proximators for the maxillary arch and the Left and Right (East/West) Spade Proximators for the mandible.

The Set of 5 Spade Proximators provides access to the entire mouth and includes:

Instrument Description
17.007.05 Sharpened Spade Proximator, Yellow
17.008.05 Distally Angled Sharpened Spade Proximator, Purple
17.008.06 Mesially Angled Sharpened Spade Proximator, Purple
17.008.08 Sharpened Spade Proximator, Angled Right, Yellow
17.008.09 Sharpened Spade Proximator, Angled Left, Yellow
CAS2001 Stainless Steel Cassette #2001, Small, Gray Inserts, 3 x 8 x 1.25 in.