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KIT0608 - Dr. Reznick Essentials of Implantology Kit #608, 17 Instruments w/ Large Cassette


The Dr. Reznick Essentials of Implantology Kit includes:

Instrument Description
85.251.00 Mixing Cup w/ Lid
ASP0007 3.0mm Aspiration Tip
BLA0015S #15 Scalpel Blades, 100/Box
CAS6001 Large Cassette
HDL0605 Bard-Parker Scalpel Blade Handle
MOC0024 Molt Curette 2/4
MOP0000K Silicone Bite Block Set
MOS0607 Mosquito Forceps, 1x2 Teeth
NEE0690 Crile-Wood Needle Holder
PEL0715 Molt 9 Periosteal Elevator
RET0808 Minnesota Retractor
RET0820C Curved Wieder Tongue Retractor
SCI0375 Kelly Scissors, Straight
SCI0667S Metzenbaum Scissors, Pointed
SYR0001 Aspirating Syringe
TIF0805 Adson/Brown Tissue Forceps, 1x2 Teeth

Cassette Compatibility

Outlines which instrument washers, ultrasonic units and sterilizers are compatible with Karl Schumacher Cassettes.