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17.008.09AE - Aetranox™ Sharpened Spade Proximator®, Angled Left, Yellow

SKU 17.008.09AE

Proximator® Testimonials

"The first time I picked up a Proximator, I was really impressed with the quality and balance. Now I have one on every surgical tray in my practice."
-Dr. Jay Reznick, DMD, M.D.

"Every single tooth I extract, I use the Proximator."
-Dr. Tony Craft, DDS

Superior Quality
  • Distinct design allows for quick definition of the purchase point
  • Intense gripping surface provides minimal rotation
  • Ergonomically designed for proper directional force

Proven Performance
  • Full-control during apical progression of the sharp working-edge
  • Preserves the socket while gently removing the tooth
  • Tapered, one-piece design drives tip apically
  • Allows for palm pressure to advance the instrument further

The Left Sharpened Spade Proximator™ has the familiar 'East/West' angulation for superior application in the mandibular molar area.

The thin profile and sharpened edges incise the ligament quickly and expand the alveolus laterally.

In cases where there is a lack of coronal structure, or the root has fractured subgingivally, the tip of the Left Sharpened Spade Proximator™ can still be easily advanded along the side of the root.

The Left Sharpened Spade Proximator™ is well suited to create a purchase point for application of additional Proximators™ or other instrumentation such as extraction forceps.

Mandibular Molars; Root Tips